Let users set the execution path


Hey there,

I’m having some problems giving my app to other people as i need to give a relative/absolute path to execute files, games or other similar things from a button. I already tried a few things like electron dialog but i’m either doing it wrong or it’s not what i’m looking for.

Is there a solution so user can set the path to the execution themselves and change it if they need/want to?


Electron will support any means of user input you want to use, just like a normal JavaScript web app. If you want advice with specific methods, you will need to share the code you’re working with so that people can give you pointers about what you need to do and what you might be doing wrong.


After a while of testing i found something just using javascript as u said, but it’s still not the right code i need.

I made a new folder just for testing, so there’s not much in it, this is my html file :

<iframe id="test" src="testsrc"></iframe>
<button onclick="testfunction()">Click me</button>

and this is my js file :

function testfunction() {
document.getElementById('test').src = "testsrc2";

This is working as it changes the testsrc to testsrc2 but thats not quite what i want.


You seem to be very new to JavaScript, considering the fact that you’re exploring sample code that doesn’t have any relationship to your stated goals. If so, I would recommend learning about receiving user input first.