Let atom open maximized windows


It would be nice for me to have atom open windows maximized when the last window closed was already maximized.


Is this helpful? https://atom.io/packages/remember-window


Thanks, it comes close but no…
It comes close as it remembers the window size. Atom seems to be able to do that already in a certain extend.

Though as this is a feature request I like to ask for this specific feature.

And for those who are technical: I guess atom-shell is lacking an isMaximized feature? No?
This might be the fundamental problem (see link)…

(and for those asking for the click in the url… I seem to be limited to post max 2 links / post… Or that’s how I interpret the error I’ve got… I’m not even able to paste a single link)


In Ubuntu, all Atom windows first open to fill the entire desktop, but are not maximized.


Same here on Ubuntu. Would be great if Atom was closed maximised, it remains maximised when re-opened.


Dittto - it’s a trivial thing, but annoying to have to maximise every time Atom is opened.


I noticed that every time I open Atom on linux, the window height is about 1.5em LESS than it was when I closed it. So if I open Atom, maximize it, close and open again it’s not maximized. Close and open it a few more times and the window gets shorter and shorter - it’s slightly annoying to have to keep re-maximizing but hardly a deal-breaker

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Implementation update:

Atom-shell 0.14 should have the isMaximized api function. Atom is currently using an older version, but hopefully not for long.

Once done that, I hope it just takes some fiddling with the open/close window events and the size storage to get it done. I really didn’t take a look to that part yet…


same problem here.
every time atom starts not maximized, I had to click the maximized button manually.
atom version:0.117.0
runs on windows 7


Ok, all dependencies should be in right now. I’m now hoping it only takes a little code in the atom repo alone to get the maximized window restore.


Atom should now restore the maximized state correctly

I guess this topic can be closed


Thanks for the update! Closing.

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