Less intrusive and more efficient autocomplete


I prefer TextMate’s autocomplete to SublimeText’s and Atom’s. It’s less intrusive and quicker. To be concrete the difference is that in TextMate I just press esc and it cycles through the alternatives, in SublimeText and Atom it shows a menu and there are more key presses involved.

Almost always I know what I want to complete to, I just want to avoid having to type it, I don’t need to see a list of options.


I don’t see autocomplete in any of the languages I’ve been typing in. Should these menus be automatically popping up? Do they have to be enabled or installed first or something?


ctrl-space activates the autocomplete box.


I agree. I much prefer Textmate’s autocomplete. Even the ctrl+space combo is awkward.


I agree with Mr Travis B.


Sublime Text also has escape to cycle through autocomplete, it would be nice to have both the popup while typing (ctr+space is awkward) as well as esc.


@kevinsawicki I read through the plugin and I see how you are building the list based off of the buffers, but is there a way to use the grammars/tokenization to build an object/array out of the variables/methods based on the current grammar?


For JS (and soon coffeescript) autocomplete, see here -> TernJS plugin development
We are about 75% done the autocomplete stuff


I don’t mind seeing a list of options, that’s the way it works for me in Vim also. If there are multiple choices, it’s good to display them in a list so I can choose one.


This package makes autocomplete show up while typing. It’s very nice: https://atom.io/packages/autocomplete-plus