Less Colorful Syntax Themes


I am new to Atom, and so far I am hooked. But one problem I have is that the syntax themes are too… colorful. I have found a number of duotone, monotone, lowcolor themes by my other requirement is a black or near-black background for the improved contrast.

The problem is, getting previews of syntax themes often means installing them. Finding a theme to my liking (which would have most program elements, variables, functions, structure elements, etc, as one color) is proving time consuming and feels a little like I’m peeing into the breeze.

Can anyone suggest some search keywords I might use before I expend the effort to creating my own theme?


Some of the less colorful ones that I like:

  • Birds (esp. the Pigeon variant, which is the default)
  • Linen
  • Nord & Northem (similar, but there are some differences)

Hope that helps.



Perhaps these themes might be worth looking into:



Thanks @danPadric & @rcrooks; I actually found this set of themes and tried a number of them. They are definitely better than most, but still a bit overboard for me (and I forgot to mention I need a black or near black background in the original post). I’ve ended up creating my own theme this weekend, which I will publish when it’s ready.


Thanks for the feedback. It will be interesting to see what you designed!

Under Windows I use a portable application called “NegativeScreen”. It can make the contents on the screen colour to greys if you want it to. I use it where a white background is the default, changing this to a “negative” colour scheme.


You could add something like the following to your Atom stylesheet, it will desaturate any existing theme:

* {
  /* try anything <1 */
  filter: saturate(.95)


You can also change just the background of a theme (if you like all the existing colors), by adding this to your stylesheet (below the imports which should already be there):

@base-background-color = #111111; // change this hex color to whatever works for you