Left align formulas in markdown

Hello all

I am very new to Atom and would like to use markdown for academic writing. I have read a discussion and have installed most of the packages, but I still could not manage to left align mathematical formula. The equivalent in LaTeX is

a  &= b + c  &&\\
my &= mx + c


Markdown doesn’t have any explicit LaTeX support. How to make this happen would depend on whatever package or tool you use to process the Markdown into HTML (or post-process the resulting HTML). The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the authors of any Atom community package or theme. If it is some external tool, perhaps we could help you get in touch with those maintainers?

@leedohm thanks for your reply, I read a little and could realize that the difference between LaTeX and markdown is deliberate . The sterngth of markdown lies in its simplicity, but there is one more point that if markdown is to be used for academic writing then a writer would require more control.
At this time I don’t know whom exactly to contact, I would learn more Atom editor and packages. In the mean time I may initiate another discussion related to writing in markdown.
Thanks again.

And there are tools that give support for other syntaxes. If you’re looking for really good control, ASCIIDoc is broader than markdown.

thanks @DamnedScholar
never heard of ASCIIDoc before but I am having a look at it, what I liked most about markdown is live preview and seems like ASCIIDoc is also have this feature. A few days ago I got introduced to Pandoc and I am still searching its features and uses. I have a question, do you know better way of writing in markdown, if you know of any templet, could you please share with me? Thanks

Well, LaTeX is different from markdown/ASCIIDoc, but looking for preview packages seems to turn up some things.

Part of the point of markdown is that it’s simple enough to not need a template. You can start writing from a blank document and make something that looks pretty good, then style it later with CSS. ASCIIDoc is a bit more complicated, so it might help to have some templating there. In either case, what you start with and what style rules you apply depend heavily on what you’re producing.