Launching via spotlight causes keybinding issues


(First off - I’m not sure this is the right place; I was trying to find a bug tracker.)

I just started trying Atom, and first launched it via spotlight (cmd-space atom ); this seemed to work fine, and opened the welcome text. cmd-shift-P also worked.

However, many other chorded keybindings don’t work. eg: cmd-t does not respond, cmd-shift-t (the documentation shows a capital ‘T’, so I tried that… did re-open a closed tab, though). ctrl-0 also failed, so it was very difficult to actually open a file.

The buffer navigation keys /did/ work (ctrl-a, ctrl-e, ctrl-p, ctrl-n).

I’m running on Mavericks, generally using dvorak, but I tried with a standard US Qwerty layout as well (I was actually happy to see that the behavior was the same with both).



Does this only happen when you launch from spotlight? What about if you click that Atom icon or open it from the command line?


Oddly, /now/ it’s working just fine, launched from any means. (and explicitly quitting via cmd-q)

Initially, I couldn’t get it to work unless I launched it from a terminal; perhaps it was an initialization issue when launched from spotlight?

I didn’t try launching it from a finder, and when I try that now, the keybindings work. It’s possible this was due to user error (maybe I was hitting the wrong keys) but I think that’s unlikely.