Launching a file from within Atom, when that file type is already associated in the OS


To start off I would like to say that I am in love with Atom. It’s a dream come true editor. I’m still only crawling in digging out all the features.
I generally code in Python, under Windows 7. Just double clicking a .py file in any file manager launches it in the command prompt, due to the .py file association with c:\Python27\python.exe

So my question is: can I somehow launch the current file that I’m working on in Atom in the Windows’s command prompt?
Without alt-tabing to the file manager and clicking the file I mean :smile:
I tried quite a lot of packages, most recommended being script. But those packages execute the file in the Atom’s console, which currently does not support stdin(can’t input data through commands like raw_input()). And that is really what I require the most at the moment.
Is there an easy workaround? I’ve been at for a few hours and can’t seem to be able to find an answer.


Well…eventually found an answer myself. If anyone needs this feature under windows, just install run-in-terminal . In the plug-in’s settings go to line Terminal with arguments box and enter start /D {working_directory} D:\Python27\python.exe {file_path}. And simply press F5 to run the code from the main editor’s window. PERFECT!!!

PS. Might want to change D: to C: depending where your python file is.
Good Luck!!
<3 Atom