Launch problem on OS X 10.11.3


I’m running version 1.5.4 of Atom and on OS X 10.11.3.

I have downloaded, redownloaded and then downloaded again from, tried it from the applications folder and the download folder.

When I double click to launch the app nothing happens.
Checking console it tells me Mar 11 16:11:19 W21297[1] (com.github.atom.65952[1829]): Service exited due to signal: Killed: 9

Any ideas what could be causing this?


No idea, honestly, but should probably provide a better title. The title provides little to no information ATM.

However, this is what the signal 9 means:


System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Click the lock to make changes.
Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere


Sorry. My apologies.

I have already checked the system preferences for permission to allow anywhere as a valid source.

The issue is, no matter where the is located, when I double click to launch it, it simply fails to launch anything. The Signal Kill is issued with a silent kill. There is no indication the app was even launched, other than the double click ‘animation’.

The funny thing is that the app was working the night before and now it is not.


Is anything showing up in the crash log in the Console?


No. The only error message I get is about the one posted above. I’m at a complete loss. I thought maybe it was the app. So I downloaded the beta, but it did the same thing


Do you have any sort of antivirus software running?


No no anti-virus software. I’m starting to think this may be an issue with mac os X 10.11.3, because I now have other apps that are not opening all of a sudden.