LaTeX question


Maybe a stupid question, but I’m using the language-latex, latex, and latexer packages, plus pdf-view, so I have bibtex autocomplete and everything else set up, which is really nice. But I have no way to generate my bibtex file from within Atom! What am I missing?

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I don’t know if the latex package supports this (I wrote my own little package to build and clean) but if can run the latexmk binary to build your files it will automatically use the auxiliary tools needed (e.g. bibtex) to build your document. It’s quite smart too and only runs commands when they are needed, so builds are fast. No more running pdflatex like 4 times to get all your references in properly, or questionmarks because you forget to compile an extra time. The TeX Live distribution contains latexmk, I am not sure about MiKTeX.


Weird, you are right; for some reason last night it just generated a bunch of [?] for me even after compiling several times. Just tested again on a clean file and it’s working now.


Could be one of the auxiliary/temporary files got corrupt, somehow. When that happens you can try to clean them and compile again (several times, if needed).


I had the same problem compiling bibtex file. I cleaned everything, but still it does not work.