Latex preview window

Hello all,

I have just discovered Atom and I am very impressed with it since it allows me to compress even farther the amount of software I have to maintain on my computer. One piece of software I would like to replace with Atom is TexStudio which I am using to write scientific articles in Latex.

I saw that Atom is capable to compile and edit latex files with a great number of features, some of which are not present in any other latex editor I have tried. All but one, which is a preview window of what you have written. I know is not critical, but being able to see what you are doing is very helpful especially when writing articles that have a page limit!

My question is: Is it possible or is there a package that can recreate the TexStudio feature of the preview window? In my mind this would work with an already installed pdf viewer and it would open the pdf in a window next to the tex editing windows inside Atom.

Thank you,


Using the latex package in combination with the pdf-view package does what you’re asking for: it opens the rendered PDF file in a split pane on every save.

that is awesome! thank you very much for pointing this out to me!

if you don’t mind can you also recommend what is the most robust set of packages for writing and compiling latex documents?


At the moment I’m just using latex (in conjunction with pdf-view), language-latex, and latex-autocomplete. There’s probably others, but I don’t spend too much time writing latex so I haven’t looked into it.