LaTeX language support


Just a simple port from the TextMate bundle, still has issues, but the syntax highlighting works, which was my initial goal.


Great, thanks a lot!

In the long run I would love to see a full-featured LaTeX support similar to

Especially, I would like to be able to build documents (using latexmk) and have forward / backward-search in the build pdf’s. Also, support for jumping to definitions and bibliography import would make this my default LaTeX editor :smiley:


I totally agree, @ph03. Porting things like that are definitely high on my wants list. They will certainly take more effort though!


+1 for LaTeX language support and a similar tools as Sublime’s LaTeXTools


Another +1. I have used LaTeXTools and Latexing extensively. Both great packages


+1 Something like LaTeXTools that allows you to preview what you are writing would be great.


table creation from tabular data would be a great feature.


FYI (hoping this is appropriate): a LaTeXTools port is already pretty far along