Latex Beautifer



I see that the atom-beautify package indicates there is a manual install required to beautify latex (called

Does that mean the base package itself, atom-beautify, does not need to be installed in order to beautify latex? The atom-beautify page is really nothing more than a redirect for a tool to beautify latex?


Most packages are like that.


Okay, thanks. So that clear it up for me. I don’t have to install atom-beautify at all then.


If you want to run it in Atom with a single shortcut, it’s probably easier to just install atom-beautify. It’s similar to how you can compile LaTeX in Atom using that latex package, which itself just calls the command line program.

I recommend getting latexindent to work in the command line first though; I know I had trouble installing it and getting it to work.


I’d even go as far and say: most packages for most editors are like that.

@RedBowTie It’s called Unix philosophy


I’ll do that! Thank you!