Large UI in 137?


Has anyone else noticed that the UI got a lot bigger in 137? Not only the fonts but things like the find/replace dialog. My divs has gotten bigger also but I don’t think I should change my code. I have much less space for my code now.

windows 8.0 - atom 0.137.0

EDIT: Never mind. It was the new “shiny” theme I installed. I did not know themes could even affect size.

EDIT 2: The problem is back. Apparently switching themes fixed it for a while but now it is happening again with Atom Light.

Huge ui after update

Very very large UI with version 0.137…

I’am using Ubuntu 14.04


Got the same problem. Its due to the hidpi possibility of the new chrome. My laptop has ~175 DPI, so not completely hidpi, but still quite high. But having scaling x2 is just too big.
See this issue:

Starting atom with --force-device-scale-factor=1 apparently helps for now.


Then that’s definitely a bug because my old 17" laptop is definitely lodpi.