Laravel, scss in atom


This is not totally an atom issue but atom has a good track record in providing integration. I understand I may have some crucial bit wrong in what follows:

I am beginning to develop laravel sites in atom.
I am working in a plain vanilla laravel5.6 instance.
I am trying to modify the sass/scss files (resources/assets/sass/*) to make style changes.
I prefer to use laravel-mix because it is there but this is not an absolute.

How do I trigger the compile to css?

If I can turn the background in my project bright pink using mods to the provided scss files, I consider this issue solved


This is not at all an Atom issue and it’s impossible to answer without having knowledge of how Laravel works. Since this is not a Laravel forum, it’s unlikely that most of the people on here will have any knowledge of how Laravel works. In the future, you should provide links to the relevant documentation.

How do I trigger the compile to css?

According to the documentation, you run any command in your package.json that triggers Webpack. process-palette is the best package for this.


Thanks for the reminder.