Language-Lua Plus Package



I’m new to Atom Editor, I’ll be in your care. So please take well care of me. I’ve got a problem with installing “Langauge-Lua Plus” package and encounter an error.

please take a look at the link:

please let me know if there are any solutions that could fix this problem… I’ve installed .net framework 2.0 SDK but I don’t know which visual studio that the package required to work properly or install properly.

  1. gyp verb which failed Error: not found: python2


I have installed python2, the latest version.

it’s all random error message. last time before the pastebin with the log… it was working fine with python2
that’s where i am having trouble… I even have .net framework 2.0 SDK installed and yet the package don’t see it installed. I don’t know what’s going on. or why…


Sorry, I didn’t realise it was a Tree-sitter issue. I’ve commented on the issue you raised.

If you want to still try, you may find the discussion here useful. If something doesn’t work, I won’t be much help though.


it seems that link doesn’t help me find my answer. I am still having a problem with installing language-lua-plus. It’s pretty frustrating. :pensive:

oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my window is a Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. That’s it.