Language Classic ASP ignored


i need package asp package



Are you talking about an existing package?


i installed "language asp"
i need package to read .asp
but atom can’t read classic asp syntax


What is going wrong? The language should be automatically applied to asp files.




Dim tmp
tmp = 100

response.write(“My first ASP script!”)
%> "


it can’t read "<%%> "


If you think there is an error with the syntax highlighting, I suggest you raise an issue on the relevant repository. You’ve not been very informative, but I believe this is the one you want


Do you want a package that can display ASP files as HTML files? Because I can’t find any.


i already intalled that one
but it ignored classic asp syntax…


yes i want it
i don’t know why that problem as that picture…


You’re out of luck. You will have to use a normal ASP server, I think.


im using mac, and apache server
i can’t use asp in mac?


I don’t know anything about ASP, but I doubt that’s true.