language-C 'intellisence'


Lets say I am using a game engine that uses C++ to make games. Would Language-C automatically give me predictions based on the game engine’s API?


It will not. It’s possible to make an autocomplete provider for any body of instructions, but it’s not trivial. It’s possible that ide-cpp will pull up methods from files you have imported, but it’s still a work in progress and I have no way to judge whether it’s usable yet.


@DamnedScholar But then how is it possible for VIsual Studio to work with Unity and detect its functions and api and not with Atom then?

WHat is ide-cpp?


I would presume that’s because someone built a Unity autocomplete feature for Visual Studio.

WHat is ide-cpp?

Well, it kind of sucks having each editor have different support for mainstream coding languages, so the language server protocol is an attempt at revising the old linter/autocomplete functionality to allow all editors to tap into the same pool of wisdom about a particular language. You can find more about that here, and about what’s happening with Atom here.