Lag, crash


Hi there,

I don’t have any more time to explain really my problem in depth but…

I’m done to use Atom… Simply because he is crashes when i open him, the first ctrl + s is sooooo looong…

Why i am using Atom really ? It’s because at the difference between Sublime text 2 - 3 he doesn’t ask you in permanence to paid their editor… This fk*** alert…

Anyway, Atom is a really good editor because of contributors and i love them for their package and themes…

I’m still waiting for better experience in Atom…

I’ve again my third error…

“Editor is not responding”

“The editor is not responding. Would you like to force clode it or just keep waiting ?”

“-> Keep Waiting”




I assume you have tried opening it in safe mode to make sure it isn’t a package causing this problem? If not try closing all atom windows and entering atom --safe into a terminal. Add-on packages often cause problems.



Thx for your answer, i’ve tried what you say, it’s so perfect. No bug or anything else… So great ! :smiley:

But the thing it’s : i don’t have any packages who ask me to update him, no one…

So, i’ve tried again to open him normally, but i have always the same error…

Can i use in permanence this command for coding ?


You need to disable all your packages in settings. That is the same as being in safe mode. Then you can enable them one at a time and see which one is causing the problem. You can just wait to enable them when you find you need them.

I have a package called package-cop designed to find the package that is causing the problem. But it is hard to understand. I’m planning on a new version that is much simpler.


That’s funny!
Despite this alert, users of Sublime Text tend to forget they use a commercial software that expect them to pay for it, which is perfectly understandable. Without this alert, the editor would be seen (even more!) as an entirely free editor…
Personally, I never tried to use ST, because I know I can’t afford to pay for it. I stopped to crack or use shareware I can’t pay for a long time now, as there are so many good free alternatives (like Atom, here).

Refinements to the Not Responding / Keep Waiting dialog