Lack of screenshots or jsfiddles for documentation


So i’ve been looking at Electron for a short while and when i’mbrowsing the documentation, i feel that i’m really missing some visual and working examples. When explaining the menu or perhaps file API’s, why isn’t a screenshot added on how it looks like? Or a JSFiddle (or whatever) to link and actually show me how it is working. I could then also do some changing to make it fit my solutions better and see if it works or not.

I think you guys can really improve on the current docs and make sure people have a good understanding of them, without the need to go watch tutorials or use other sources. In some guides i see al kinds of commands, but show me how the result should look like.

For instance, the dialog documentation has a few functions, some details on how it works and stuff. But why is there no screenshot on how it looks by default (resulting code or visual)?
It also doesn’t show me how i can apply styles to the dialog or what a typical callback would look like. Give me a complete example so i can not only understand it myself, but easily explain my bosses on how easy things can be.