Known bug with edit at the end of the file?


I don’t know how to reproduce this other than exactly now.
It’s not unusual that I see this. It only really happens when messing with the very bottom of the file in Python mode.

What I’m doing to trigger it is to put the cursor at the very last visible character a ..., context) and then the error appears.




Thanks. I click around those issues and it’s unclear to a noob like me to see if they’ve clearly fixed it.

Either way. Perhaps by posting my description it can help the gods of Atom a little bit.


@peterbe are you on version 0.140?


No, 0.139.0


Hopefully it was fixed in 0.140, please comment on that issue @mark_hahn mentioned if you still see it on that version.


I was plagued by this bug forever, but I haven’t noticed it (yet) after upgrading to 0.140. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of it.