Know any packages that add panels or other UI?


I’m working on a bit of a redesign/refactor of my isotope-ui theme. One of the challenges of making it awesome for everyone is figuring out how community packages are adding UI to the editor. The style guide and less variables can’t cover everything and authors probably focus on getting it right in the default theme. I always hate it when custom UI themes lag behind the defaults, and while I’m sticking close to @simurai’s work on one-dark-ui, I definitely want to pick up any slack that might be there.

It would be super helpful if I could assemble a list of (non-core) packages that add panels, pop-overs, or anything else to the UI, so I can test for them. Most packages are more deeply integrated in the editing itself and don’t add so much in the way of UI, like linters, snippets, color highlighters, language definitions. Others integrated seamlessly into existing UI, like status-bar plugins and the project-manager that lives inside the command palette. That’s not what I’m looking for as that should be mostly covered.

Right now I got this:

I used to have this FTP package, but either I’m getting errors during installation.

Any packages I should look for would be super helpful. Thanks!

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Where are some good examples of packages with UI (multiple dialogs, events, etc.)?

There’s also terminal-panel and symbols-tree-view from the top of my head

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Personally I also use


Besides a few tool bar implementations, there’s also: