Kiosk mode behaviour clarification


Hi all, I’m wondering how kiosk mode is different from a full screen, no-menu window.
In other words, how is {kiosk: true} different from {fullscreen: true, frame: false}?


You can’t exit kiosk mode with the standard fullscreen shortcut (F11 in windows & linux)
It’s just a (quite useful) precaution for a setup in a public space, as far as I know.


it also protects from other programs (updates etc) popping on top of your screen. On OS X specifically, it folllows guidelines specified here
Apple kiosk Guidelines
It provides total lockdown of your system. you can not open force quit applications dialog box when kiosk mode but you can open it in fullscreen mode. you can also not switch between applications when in kiosk mode but you can do so in full screen mode on OS X using CMD +TAB. Hope this helps


I am testing kiosk mode on El Capitan and macOS using latest electron version and it seems to be broken. I am able to get out of kiosk mode by using following keystroke combinations

Option+screen brightness down(F1)
Option+screen brightness Up(F2)
Option+misson launch(F3)

and probably more which I am not aware of.

Any idea why we are able to come out kiosk mode using above keystroke combinations