Kiosk app for displaying a webpage


New to electron, but need some direction on how to build this app.

  • Start a page in kioskmode. loadURL() with input params like myapp.exe --url=domain
  • Allow the user to navigate around the webpage. Disable_blank.
  • If the user navigate from the domain to a different domain the app will redirect back to the correct domain.
  • If the user dose not move or type within 2 min the app will reset to homepage.

Thanks for any help!


Is the webpage under your control or the control of the customer?

I think your best bet is to use the will-navigate event. When an event fires, check whether the URL belongs to the same site and reject it with event.preventDefault() if it’s not what you’re looking for.


Yes, the customer will navigate the page, but the input is only a touchscreen.
Will look in to that event, thx :+1:


Sorry, I should have said “client”. I meant the organization for which the app is being designed, if any.


@DamnedScholar Both the webpage, app and the hardware is under the organizations controle.