Kinetic: upload your files to remote sources!


This package is a modular alternative to the Gist It package

Keeping with the spirit of Atom, Kinetic is a very flexible and modular file uploader, that has an extremely easy API.

Basically, it will read the installed modules, and add a Upload to * option. You could even utilize this for a private service that you could share with coworkers. for example, Upload to OurCompaniesConfluence.

Currently, it can upload to both PasteBin, and Gist, but I hope that this project will bring in collaborators that will create modules for all kinds of different public services (possibly jsbin, hastebin, etc…)

Below images are the result of clicking Upload to PasteBin and Upload to Gist



Download / Contribute

Download via APM:

apm install kinetic

Download via settings view:

Search for kinetic


You can now upload images to Imgur, and your code to HasteBin in v0.2.3!