"Kickstarter"-like system for plugin/feature development? (Undo Tree)



I am traditionally a sublime user, but am worried about the future of subl and would prefer fully open source, just waiting on some performance improvements in atom. For quite sometime I have been asking over on the sublime forums for an “undo tree” feature! It is implemented as a vim plugin: Gundo and would greatly appreciate if this was ported over to atom!

Searching on this forum, I find two other posts about the undo tree with no replies.

Does anyone know of anything like “I’d be willing to pay 5 bucks for this feature” exists, where that money is only “released” once the plugin is done? Something like a kickstarter for additional features/packages?


Packages are so easy to make. Have you looked into doing it yourself>


admittedly not in the atom environment no. I will look into it! thanks!