Keypress not registering with keybinding resolver


I’m having an interesting issue where key presses aren’t being registered on the keybindings. For example, if I press ctrl+alt+cmd+l the keybinding resolver only shows that I am pressing the modifier keys (ctrl+alt+cmd) without the l. Consequently no actions are associated with it and the window reload command is not executed like it should be. Here’s a screenshot of the keybinding resolver while I’m pressing ctrl+alt+cmd+l

I can press other character keys in conjunction with the modifier keys and I see it show up. I.e. ctrl+alt+cmd+j works just fine.

Any ideas?


Hmmm, that’s odd - did you notice this just start happening recently (e.g. Window: Reload worked ok before with that key combo)?

Also, do you happen to have 1Password installed /cc


I have noticed this more recently but I don’t have 1Password installed - although it does seem like a similar issue. I checked my keybindings and I don’t see anything else tied to this particular key binding as you can see below:

I’ve actually noticed this on a number of different character keys when using the three modifier keys I mentioned. I’ve also seen this issue affect some of my coworkers but with different key combinations.

I’ve even tried deleting Atom and reinstalling with no packages - same issue.


Is there anything at all that you remember changing about your local system recently?

Based on, it seems like something is preventing the keypress from getting to Atom (so your settings in Atom look fine, the keypress just isn’t making it to Atom).


Nothing I can think of. I actually uninstalled Atom and reinstalled, I’ve disabled all packages that aren’t part of the core and reloaded but to no avail…


I have a feeling this is an issue outside of Atom but do you see any difference when resetting to factory defaults?


I reset all the factory defaults but no luck. Any thoughts about what might be outside of Atom that would be blocking that?


Hmmm, I don’t - do you have a number of apps listed in macOS System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items? Wondering if there’s anything interesting you have that starts automatically.

Also, though I usually don’t ask this :smile: , have you restarted your computer?


, but not i have the similar issue ( key binding is registered, but not working) with CTRL-ALT-O for the package “git control”.
I’m on Fedora 25. I did exactly the same steps as @danseethaler - removed ~/.atom ~/.config/Atom and resintalled the ATom.
I took one step further and created a new user on OS. Did not install any packages . REsolver still is not seeing the combination.


The tip with “1password” made me look at what i have running - the “Clipit” has been catching the ctrl-alt-o. Dang it!


Excellent feedback! I tried closing all the startup programs and everything I could think of but to no avail. So I did a little searching and found a “Shortcut Detective” app that identified the culprit - Logitech Options Daemon.

Here’s a link to the site with the Shortcut Detective app if anyone is interested. It was free and worked awesome.

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