Keymap selection (Eclipse,Netbeans)


Netbeans has awesome feature to load other keymaps


Are you looking for the ability to customize your keymap, which Atom has? Or the ability to dynamically change your keymap with a keystroke or menu command? (Which, depending on what you want, Atom may also have.)


Thank for quick activity.

Its a kind of customization but not manual changing…

option to select a keymap of popular IDEs


This could definitely be done as a package, perhaps called something like eclipse-keybindings. You would install it and it overrides your keybindings to emulate Eclipse. The support for this kind of thing is already in Atom, just nobody has used it this way before.


Atom is not an IDE, so many of the keybindings would be void. There is no (built-in) concept of building, debugging, setting breakpoints and what so on.

This might be a good idea for a custom package, however, it would be really tricky trying to figure out how to sensibly support overriding keybindings for other custom packages without coupling too tight to them, and… well… actually supporting them.


Not about building,debugging…I’m looking for the mapping of other than IDE realated.

like easy commenting , delete line…this things should map with atom

I like this editor very much i want to move all my dev. works to atom…:slight_smile:


Unless you want to build a package to allow switching between common schemes, just create your own keybindings;

  • Go into Preferences > Keybindings,
  • locate whatever you want to override,
  • click the clipboard action on the left side of the table row,
  • paste into your keymap.cson file,
  • change the actual keybind,
  • save,
  • and be happy.


Thanks for that,
Actually I’m looking for same kind of package or built in feature of atom


Not aware of any package that switches an entire scheme in one fell swoop; good excuse for writing your first Atom package? Great way to really learn Atom :wink:


:smiley: :smile: :smile:


I searched for Atom eclipse keybindings and found this post.
Unfortunately there was no such package, so I created eclipse-keybindings :wink:

It contains some basic eclipse source editor mappings, feedback appreciated.


Thank you so much for setting this up. This was the last piece I needed to move to this editor. I added a matching brackets short cut and issued a pull request.

Thanks again for doing this.