Keyboard shortcut to access Project pane?


I’ve read the “flight manual” but there is no mention of whether or not this option exists. Looking through the command palette (+SHIFT+p) I don’t see an option.

Use case: If I am in the project tree pane I can change selection focus by using and . I can also use and to open and close a selected folder, or, use enter to open a selected file or folder. Once I’ve opened a file I can cmd+option+/ between all the tabs of open documents. What I can’t do is get back into the Project pane once I have switched Atom’s focus to the Workspace area. Of note, when opening a project, Atom defaults to the Workspace area and it would also be nice to open a project folder and traverse the project tree with arrows, then open a file, “keyboard kung fu” back into the project, open another folder, et cetera…

Is there a keyboard command to switch Atom’s focus to the Project tree pane?

Thanks! :smiley:


Found a solution - it’s in the Keybindings: ctrl+0 on macOS!

Seeing as I don’t have a ctrl key on the right side of my 11" MacBook Air, and, I am used to +alt/option+/ to cycle through open document panes, I might just map the function to +alt/option+ or something… :slight_smile:


ctrl+0 will only expand the project pane. I would suggest using Cmd+\ on macOS which will expand/collapse


Thanks, Krullsuk!


I found for my Atom 1.33 on Windows:
Alt + \ for toggling
Ctrl + \ - for toggling with hiding