Keyboard shortcut for switching between projects opened within same window?


When I open two projects in the same window, there’s no way to toggle between them without manually clicking on the tab?


Toggle the command pallet and start typing in pane.
There are many commands to choose from.

Of these you will also see in Settings -> Keybindings when looking for the search word pane.

Perhaps something like Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+k Ctrl+n, may interest you.


@danPadric I believe you’re speaking about files within ONE project. I know how to toggle files. I want to toggle projects.

$ atom project 1, put atom in full screen, $ atom project 2 and now try to toggle between them without clicking on the project at the top.


There’s something that’s bugging me. You haven’t specified your operating system, but what you describe reminds me of a feature that exists on Mac. Are you, perhaps, talking about the OS-level tabs that Mac can create to combine separate windows into a single display unit? If that’s the case, I don’t think Atom has much of a say on that.


Sorry for lack of info. I’m on a Mac. You’re right that this may be OS level. Screenshots:


Atom’s core engine has been split into a separate project as Electron, which is basically Chrome with Node.js strapped to the back. I can’t confirm because I don’t have a Mac, but it seems likely that these methods will work. You can test them in Atom’s developer tools. Try running window.selectNextTab(). If it works, then you can easily create a command for it in and bind that to a keybinding.

atom.commands.add "atom-workspace", "custom:select-next-tab", ->


I opened Atom’s console, typed window.selectNextTab():

ReferenceError: selectNextTab is not defined


Then it might be more difficult than I thought. Oh well. Now you know the situation, at least. Are you sure that there aren’t any OS X keybindings for switching between tabs?


Couldn’t find anything unfortunately but thanks for looking into it!


:thinking: … as Windows user I would have look at Alt+Tab, perhaps even Win+Tab.
:confused: …any Mac users in the house?




So I’m now suspecting that Atom is hijacking my ability to use the built-in mac commands to toggle those tabs.

I tried disabling CMD ` and CMD 1 but those still didn’t work. I wasn’t actually able to disable CMD 1 though…likely OS controlled.


I can’t confirm, bc I’aint using US keyboard, but in theory the Cmd+{ and the Cmd+} cicles through the tabs.



Wasn’t aware of that shortcut, not sure why it would be used over ctrl+tab though. Both only work on the files within a project, doesn’t toggle projects. Thanks for sharing though!


You mite try both of:

Command-cycle windows in same app (backtick is top left corner same key as ~)
Control-tab cycle tabs in window of app
Command-tab cycle apps


Tabs here are referring to an OS level thing, where multiple windows can be grouped into one window with “tabs”; so each tab is an Atom window itself. I don’t know of an equivalent in other operating systems (I didn’t even know macOS could do it though), but it’s not like normal cycling through windows and Atom tabs.

To be clear, that works fine. It’s “cycling through multiple windows that are grouped as tabs” that’s the issue.