Keyboard shortcut for comments not working


The Keyboard shortcut for toggle comments ctrl+/ doesn’t work. Also tried crtl+shift+/.

Can I add my own shortcut using keymap for this? How do I write it?

Ubuntu 14.10
Atom 0.201.0 (32)


Is this behaviour reproducible when you start Atom with atom --safe (from the command line)? If not, this is probably an issue with a (combination of) community packages.

You can open the keybinding resolver panel (ctrl+.) to check which command is executed when you press a certain keybinding (on most themes, it’s the green one). If it doesn’t show editor:toggle-line-comments, you can read the docs on how to assign your own keybindings.


Thanks. Solved it with my own shortcut. Seems to be an error in language (using Swedish) and keyboard. The symbol / is not where it’s supposed to be. Keybinding resolver panel solved it.