Keyboard Minimize/Restore function?


In ConEmu: “Minimize/Restore (Quake-style hotkey also)” will globally map a keyboard key to minimizing or restoring the terminal from wherever i am. A very fast shortcut to be productive.

With Atom alt+tab is my fastest way to get into the editor.

Does it have something similar by default or through a package where i have a keyboard key i can assign the restore/minimizing of the editor?


I haven’t seen anything like that in Atom, but I have a potential solution for you. The Windows key can be used to call up the first ten items on your taskbar. Just hit Win-3 and whatever application is third on your taskbar will be opened or brought to the front.


Very useful trick. Great advice. I did not know of that. It is an OS key work around :slight_smile:

Great trick DamnedScholar, thank you. Probably the coolest OS trick i can teach basicly everyone else too ^^

If anyone else know of an atom function for the same action, please let me know.


For me, that’s Win-X. It’s such a good shortcut, especially when you’re across the room with a bluetooth keyboard and can’t be arsed to get up to use the mouse.


lol there’s another one :slight_smile: got more? :slight_smile:


Win-R is pretty useful for when you’re invoking an executable with a name that’s easy to remember and is in your path, but for calling up programs, I have a program that gives me a search box when I hit Alt-Space (that’s cheating because it’s not built in, but whatever).

Those are about all I use.


Alright. Great help, mate. I learned a lot now. About shortcuts in general, which is fulfilling all in all, than what i asked for in the topic. Thank you very much.

To everyone who is not DamnedScholar:

Minimize/Restore the Atom editor from anywhere, is that possible?


Atom doesn’t provide a feature like this. I’m sure there are plenty of OS-specific utilities that will provide this kind of feature.


leedohm: Do you know of any win utility that can get it done?


According to this article the capability is built-in to Windows.


leedohm: Interesting. Thanks buddy:)


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@leedohm: Possibility to address people with expertise, to get good solutions. Atom community ^^


Well, it’s possible to use hotkey maximize minimize atom on windows by using autohotkey.
an example ahk script here(save as filename.ahk and run):

WinGet, $atom, id, ahk_exe atom.exe
WinGet, $atom_state, MinMax, ahk_id %$atom%

if ($atom_state = -1){
WinRestore, ahk_id %$atom%
}else if($atom_state = 0 or $atom_state = 1){
WinMinimize, ahk_id %$atom%

this script bind Ctrl + ` (the key on left of number 1) as minimize/restore atom window(if there are mutiple window, it only works on the first one)
you can customize it yourself and checkout ahk documentation here":