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just starting out with Atom, running on Windows 7 bootcamp on MBP and an Apple external UK keyboard. Just wading my way through the atom flight manual, but finding it frustrating that is skewed towards *nix systems, sometimes and quite regularly without windows equivalents or explanations. The most frustrating area to deal with is the keyboard mappings. Even, when I look at the keyboard mappings in Atom itself, it still refers to key combinations that simply do not work. Eg most of the commands using ‘cmd’ key, don’t work, because on windows, the cmd key is the windows key causing the start menu to appear.

Now, I do realise that instead of the cmd key, I should ctrl key., but there are commands which require ctrl- eg

ctrl-T : ‘Transpose characters’.

I Had a look in the keyboard mapp in atom and ctrl-t is ‘fuzzy-finder:toggle-file-finder’, so in this particluar case, I don’t know how to invoke the transpose characters function.

So, I am trying to invest the time to getting to know Atom as well as I can, but I’m finding it quite difficult, especially the keyboard, mainly due to lack of inoformation for windows.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: In the bootcamp panel, I have ticked ‘Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard functions keys’, in the Keyboard Tab.

PPS, I sent an email to Atom support to ask if there was a windows version of the Atom flight manual; still awaiting a response.


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There is not a Windows version of the Atom flight manual. See the discussion here for more information on ideas for solutions:

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