Keyboard "equal" doesn't work


I’m new to atom - using it a month. I customized a bit - no italic comment font.
when I need a “=”, I copy the symbol with ^c ^v, because the editor doesn’t reacts to “equal key”. Windows 8.1, Lithuanian keyboard. If I switch to Russian keyboard, I have my “=” back. The “=” works fine with every other text field on my system, but atom editor.
Have read a lot of atom discussions and didn’t find anything useful yet. I don’t understand most. Very often some features are explained what happens when some configuration commands customized, but there is no explanation where to find these lines - file and folder.


Welcome to Atom!
There is a FAQ post for the issue your are likely facing I'm using an international keyboard and keys that use AltGr or Ctrl+Alt aren't working

If you need any further help don’t hesitate to ask!


Thank you for response. The problem not solved, however.

  1. My Right-Alt works good, no problem.
  2. I installed the keyboard-layout package. Reading the manual:
    Inside Atom’s packages management, click Settings, and … "
    I don’t see any “settings” there. Please, find the illustration:


Did you restart Atom after installing the package?


Reloading Atom will make the Settings button appear. You can also click anywhere in that box (except for the buttons and the title) and you will go to a screen with more details about the package as well as its settings options (you don’t need to reload Atom for this to work).


“=” an “”& are working perfect now. After automatic CLI update to 2.10.3