Keyboard doesn't navigate to related articles


I view any thread. I use j to navigate the thread from article to article, until I reach the bottom. I keep doing j to navigate into the related articles at the bottom. I find one I like. I hit Return.

Expected behavior: the article I hit Return on is opened.

Observed behavior: some other article is opened. (Often the current article is reopened.)


I found a specific problem. I used g n, then j to select this article:

I then used j in that thread to the second related article “Expanding @ mentions to support packages?”. I hit Return. The same article “Discourse question about edits” reloads.

So now I’m on that same page the second time, I try j to the third related article “There should be a thanks button”, I hit Return, and again the “Discourse question about edits” reloads.


Are you still experiencing this?

Also, note that it’s not “related” topics, it is suggested – which prioritizes topics you have unread first, as well as the current category. But after that it is literally a random walk of unclosed topics (in the same category)


Now the behavior is different. When looking at your comment, the second “Suggested Topic” is “Editor lag on OSX 10.10.2 B1”. I use j to navigate to it, and I hit Return.

I notice that the URL briefly changes to mention a topic number other than 13565 (which is the id of the topic I’m replying to), but the page shows an error message that it can’t display the requested article, and then it bounces back to this topic. (It goes up one comment, though, so I end up on my earlier comment of 6d ago.)

Let me see if I can capture the error message.

Update: The error message was: “Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.”

So, it happened 3 times in the last few minutes, I don’t know whether that counts as “persisting”. I’ll test another suggested article, too. Stay tuned…

Update 2: I’ve now tried all five suggested topics, with the same result. (The only variable was the comment to the topic that I ended up on after the redirection.)

Update 3: I’ve visually inspected the target URL after hitting Return, and it equaled the URL that Firefox showed me on hovering the Suggested Articles entry.


Wait wait wait wait. So you are using these keyboard shortcuts while composing a reply? That is, with the editor up and visible? I just want to confirm if this is the case or not.


I apologize for the confusing wording. I could have said “which is the id of the topic you’re reading right now”. Probably I should have said that… I’ve found the problem just while browsing articles. It happens for all articles I’ve tried so far. The last time I’ve tried was yesterday. I’ll abstain from checking yet again now, just to avoid the confusion :smile:

I just wanted to have a concrete example. And I figured if you’re reading it, too, and you j down to the suggested articles, too, you might be seeing the same one I’m seeing and thus you might be able to reproduce it easily.

So whenever I read an article X, and whenever I use j to move the focus down to one of the suggested articles Y, and whenever I hit return on that suggested article Y, the URL briefly changes to reflect the article Y I’ve selected, then bounces back to the original article X.

Can you reproduce it?


Aha yes I can repro.

@eviltrout can you have a look when you get a chance? This is very repro-able bug with keyboard shortcuts that’s fairly bad.


I’ve got a fix in master, should be deployed soonish:

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