Keybindings related to fuzzy-finder not working?


I’ve installed atomic-emacs to get emacs-like keybindings but some of them don’t seem to work. This is the one in question:

ctrl-x ctrl-f fuzzy-finder:toggle-file-finder Atomic Emacs body

When I press c-x c-f, nothing happens. Even the default cmd-t does not work.

I’ve noticed, however, that when the left sidebar appears with a directory listing (for example, when I click “Open ~/.atom” in Preferences), the command does work.

Can someone explain why this is and how to make the command work everywhere?


Can you open the keybinding resolver (cmd-.) and press cmd-t? Do any commands popup for cmd-t?


When I press cmd-t, the fuzzy-finder:toggle-file-finder does resolve but doesn’t open.

When I press c-x c-f, it only resolves c-f, which is atomic-emacs:forward-char. Are these types of keybindings possible? I assume they must be if it is defined in the package.

When I go to Preferences -> Open ~/.atom and the right file navigator opens (this is the only way I can get this working), c-x c-f opens fuzzy-finder:toggle-file-finder but the keybinding resolver does not show this resolving. (it shows core:move-right).

cmd-t does resolve properly and opens.

I have rebound Caps Lock to Control in my keyboard settings and also use a custom keyboard layout (as well as keyremap4macbook). I generally don’t have issues with these but maybe Atom doesn’t work with them.


I’m not sure what the problem is here. I’m updating the keybinding resolver today to work with multistroke keybindings, so hopefully that will help diagnose the problem.