Keybindings problems [SOLVED]


I have set up the keymap.cson to map f8 as a keybinding of XSL-Transform, and for some reason I unknow, it’s not working:

And this is the configuration of keymap.cson:

‘f8’ : ‘atom-xsltransform:transform-xml’

Thanks for your attention.


I don’t think your keymap.cson entry is correct. Is there an <xsl-transform> tag somewhere in the HTML of Atom? Because the way you wrote that entry has Atom looking for a specific context, just like 'atom-text-editor' would have it looking for <atom-text-editor>. Unless you have a reason to give it a context, you should probably use the universal context:

  'f8': 'atom-xsltransform:transform-xml'


Oh I see! I thought that was the name assigned to the keybinding, thank
you! :grin:


I just tried it and now it works, thanks! Kudos to you! :grin: