Keybindings problem


Hi! I use a lot ctrl-cmd-space keys on my mac. But this does not work on Atom. How would I fix this. Thanks.



A couple of questions to be able to assist you!

  • Did you check out the keymaps in depth section of the flight manual?
  • If you check the keybinding resolver with these keys what do you see? You can access the keybinding resolver with Ctrl-..
  • What did you try to bind in your keymap.cson? You can access keymap.cson from the file menu by choosing keymap.
  • What commands are you trying to bind?


I did try but could not the proper command. Also I am not a expert. Normally, if you press ctrl-cmd-space in any text based area, a little window opens to help you write symbols and emojis except atom.
I checked keybinding resolver and it was empty.


You are correct that it doesn’t work on the latest Stable version (v1.12.2 as of this writing ) of Atom. It does, however, work on the latest development version. So the fix should be released along with v1.14.x of Atom.


I hope so. Thank you.