Keybindings for tab functions


I can’t seem to find a way to add keybindings for the various tab functions such as “Close All Tabs”, “Close Other Tabs”, and etc. A few like “Reveal in Tree View” and “Close Tab” are present, but I can’t find the rest. It would be great if we could map any function like we can in sublime text.


The code in the package “last-tab” might help haven’t checked it out. At shell to fetch code for you:

apm develop last-tab


Have you tried going into the Keybindings tab in the Settings View and using the clipboard icon to copy the original keyboard definition?

You can then paste the keybinding definition into keymap.cson and edit it.


I tried that already, but it didn’t seem to do anything. Maybe because it’s for panes and not tabs?


Okay. I was able to override it and remove the cmd-k from in front. Not sure why it wasn’t working with it there. However, this only lets me do close-other-items. Is there a command for closing all. I tried “close-all-items” and “close-all” but they didn’t work.


@DavidLGoldberg, Sorry that didn’t help. Looks like the keybinding for last-tab is only for jumping to the last tab.


Alright, yeah was worth a shot :\