Keybindings don't show up in Menubar



at some point during the development of my package my keyboard shortcuts disappeared from the menubar package menu. I only get titles and no shortcuts.

Here is is the content of my keymaps file:

'.platform-darwin .atom-text-editor':
  'cmd-alt-r': 'repl-term:send-file'
  'cmd-alt-s': 'repl-term:send'
  'cmd-alt-l': 'repl-term:launch-repl'
  'cmd-alt-k': 'repl-term:close-repl'

What’s wrong with this?




You’re using an inaccurate scope for one. Instead of .platform-darwin .atom-text-editor, you should simply be using .platform-darwin atom-text-editor. Notice no period before the atom-text-editor specifier.


Sweet, that did the trick! Thanks