Keybindings: cannot assign "ctrl-alt-;" (semicolon)



I’m trying to replace proto-repl’s keybindings (which start with 'ctrl-alt-, <something-else>') with 'ctrl-alt-; <something-else>'

This is, to replace the comma with the semicolon.

However, according to key binding resolver, the semicolon does not get recognized as a valid keybinding. How could I escape it so it becomes one? I already tried with \;, with no avail…

This is the offending line in keymaps.linux.cson:

'ctrl-alt-;' : 'proto-repl:run-all-tests'

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?
Thanks in advance!


I was able to bind Ctrl+Alt+; in keymap.cson with no escaping required. You may be running into this mentioned in the FAQ?