Keybinding what does ^ mean


Hi I’m looking at a keybinding "ctrl-tab ^ctrl": "pane:move-active-item-to-top-of-stack", in win32.cson. what does ^ctrl mean?
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Hi @reharik :wave:

^ in front means it’s for a keyup event. So this command will run when you press ctrl-tab and release ctrl.

The PR that implemented this feature has some more information


I don’t suppose there is a definitive list of all the keybindings and where they are defined is there? Right now I just poke around after using ctrl . but it really seems there should be a list, at least of all the used bindings, and what file they are in etc.


The settings-view keybindings panel has a list of all keybindings, their source and the selector.


cool, that’s right, I guess what I was thinking was all POSSIBLE ones because if there’s something that’s not bound it doesn’t show up there.


Yeah… This panel does not show commands that don’t have a keybinding assigned to them. There is an open issue for this


thanks for the link.