'>' keybinding to gt sign


Hi, I have Czech keyboard localization and I cannot type this > character. I’m using {Right Alt} + {>} shortcut but it does nothing. I searched in keybinding if it is already used by some shortcut, but it’s not. I can type less than sign (<) with no problem but not greater than. Is there any way how to set my atom to do this job? Thank you

How to type ''@''

Try command-period (on a Mac, maybe ctrl-period or alt-period on other systems) to invoke the keybinding resolver, then hit the key you need for the > character. Also compare with the < character. What does the keybinding resolver say?


The AltGr key not being supported properly is a known issue:

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Key binding resolver says when I press {Alt gr} + {.}, it says that I pressed Ctrl-Alt-. and resolves it as bracket:matcher:close-tag, but no character is typed.


If it is known issue I hope that this will be soon resolved. Thanks.


I suggest to unbind ctrl-alt-. in your personal bindings file. Unbinding a key works by binding it to the special command 'unset!'.


You are genius!!! Thank you it works!!