Keybinding Save As and Save All


I am trying to remap the ‘Save As’ command to Ctrl-Alt-S (windows) but Atom ignores my request. I can map it to simple Alt-S, using the following CSON, but not Ctrl-Alt-S.

  'ctrl-shift-s': 'window:save-all'
  'alt-s': 'core:save-as'

Does anyone know why or what I am doing wrong?

I have checked in the flight manual and there does not appear to be any reason why ctrl cannot be used with alt. Also, I cannot find any command in Atom that already uses the ctrl-alt-s binding but I could have missed it.


Where did 'body' come from? In any case, what happens with the following

  "ctrl-alt-s": "window:save-all"

If you have an existing "atom-text-editor" key, just add the binding to that.

I believe user keybindings take precedence, or at least override the existing ones when added, but specitivity is also a factor. A more specific binding than body could be taking over. As for finding which are mapped to what, the keybindings tab in Settings or the keybinding-resolver will show you everything.