Key sequence bug?


I’m fiddling around with making a package for Atom that scratches my particular itch. What it does isn’t particularly important, but it is invoked rarely manually and mostly does its work on save automagically. Since it is invoked manually infrequently, I figured I would choose a key sequence. I settled on cmd-c cmd-i, thought better of it and then figured I’d try it to see what might break. The key sequence works fine … but cmd-c stops working for copy.

Is this intended? I see that there are built in key sequences prefixed with cmd-k, but there is no keymap for just cmd-k by itself.


Multi-keystrokes take precedence over single-keystrokes right now. I’m not sure if it’s the correct behavior, but it is how it works right now. If you want to use multi-keystrokes i’d use cmd-k as the base or I would use the keybinding resolver (cmd-.) to find a keystroke that doesn’t have any bindings associated already.


Cool, thanks! I suspected this might be the case. In my cursory glance at the list, cmd-k seemed to be mostly about pane management and navigation, so I didn’t want to dilute it with my own key sequences. I’ll figure out something or just leave it up to the users of the package to assign.