Key Combination similiar to t and f of vim


Is there a similiar Key combination like

‘t and f’

of vim in atom?

####The t or f followed by the character will take the cursor to the next occurrence of the character.
1.t ( Will put just at the character)
2.f (will put it at the succeeding character).


I don’t know what “t and f” does in vim, so you’d have to describe what it does before I could answer :grinning:


there’s a vim-mode package with command

  'f': 'vim-mode:find'
  'F': 'vim-mode:find-backwards'
  't': 'vim-mode:till'
  'T': 'vim-mode:till-backwards'


Thanks for the answer. But, I wanted to know how a standard atom user would solve the problem of reaching the first occurrence of character of his choice.


To be honest most user will probably use the mouse or arrow key if they want to go to a single known place.

The notion of cursor motion is very tied to VIM world.

cmd-d is a good way to move around also if next desired position is the same word as the currently editing one.


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