Keep atom as background app for improved startup time


Hi…atom is great, after open it I don’t feel any major speed problem, but it’s pretty slow for start, I’ve several packages and in my macbook take nearly a half minute for start

would be possible than in a nearly future atom would keep a small background worker similar to how chrome run: in chrome the first time than your open it takes a lot, but after that all other startup times are pretty short…

Why is Atom so slow?

There is a discussion open on performance, a little crudely named as it may be:

Probably a good idea to post your suggestion there. I think it’s a worthwhile idea. Although a half minute sounds unusually excessive. Is that every time? What does your Timecop say are the major culprits?

P.S. I slightly tweaked your title to reflect what you’re suggesting. Hope you don’t mind.


thanks batjko…don’t worry about fix the title, my English is not so good and occasionally I make some mistakes :smiley:


How to add atom in the background apps to improve the startup time.