Kate-like line markers for changed code


Hi there!
I’m just in a process of switching from other editors to Atom, and so far it’s quite promising. There are some things I miss from Kate (been using it before they crippled code folding couple of years ago).

One is that Kate has the ability to mark lines of code you changed or changed and saved in current session. The markers are thin vertical lines next to line numbers, and they are visible in kate’s mini-map. These markers allow you to almost instantly jump to recently edited portions of code. A great time saver.


It looks like the editing-diff package does what you want.


Almost there (thank you for pointing to that package), but the markers disappear after file save (I’m working on local files, so with frequent saves I have just couple of markers), and they are not visible on mini-map. Also, there’s no option to customize it (colors). I suppose I should be heading somewhere else and post package mod request.


Isn’t that what you asked for ? You want changes from what reference point ?


They would be more useful if they were visible until the end of the session (closing the editor application). In case of local files I do frequent file saves, so I see only couple of most recent markers. And I kid of remember my most recent edits, so there’s no need for the markers in that particular situation.

For me, the perfect solution would be to have ‘red’ markers for lines that were changed, and not yet saved, and ‘green’ for the parts that were modified since program launch, and saved.