Justify text



Very simple - does anybody know how to justify text? (Not code - working in .txt files.)

I’ve tried text-align, and I’ve also tried the atom-justify package, which is currently broken.

Many Thanks


You may want to look at the autoflow package.


Yeah I’ve tried that one :slight_smile: can’t see any way it can justify - only soft wrap. Unless there’s a way I can’t see.


The autoflow package hard wraps the lines, not soft wraps. The difference between hard wrapping and soft wrapping is that hard wrapping inserts an actual newline character into the text. Soft wrapping just wraps the text visually without changing the text content in any way.

Could you be more specific as to what you mean by “justify”? Do you mean something that inserts spaces into the text so that every line in a paragraph except the last goes up to the full configured width?


Yes indeed - just like in a word processor

Do you know if there’s any way of ‘triggering’ what you describe in autoflow?



You can trigger the autoflow function with Alt+Cmd+Q on macOS or Alt+Ctrl+Q on other platforms.


Unfortunately that just wraps the text at 80 characters still with a justified left margin for me.