Just updated to 0.70.0 drag and drop tab not working anymore?


Anybody else having this issue?


I’m having the same issues too.


Fixed in tabs@0.30.0, if you don’t want to wait, you can upgrade to this version with apm install tabs


Thanks AbeEstrada!
Might give this a shot :smiley:

So you reckon it is a bug that will be fixed?


Thanks! Upgraded and it’s working now.


The upgrade of the ‘tabs’ package , is the fix. Its not a ‘core’ feature.


Are you sure? I didn’t have a ‘tabs’ package in ~/.atom before so it must have been part of the core features since it was working? using apm install add a package.
Just wondering since i do not want to add to startup time in case I don’t need to, or this is something that will be fixed shortly…


Atom uses modules for non-core functionality, tabs is a separate module that Atom includes, but you can disabled it or upgrade, that’s why it is not in your ~/.atom/packages folder.

Atom 0.71.0 includes the updated tabs module, you can read the changelog http://latestatomversion.com/

If you want to see a list of the modules that Atom includes and are not in the ~/.atom/packages folder you can run apm ls and check for Built-in Atom packages


Mate thanks so much for your answer :smiley:
Just upgraded to 0.71.0 and all is good!..