Just lost a day of changes in several files

I started using Atom just recently. Today discovered that several files across the project lost changes from the day before. I’m sure it is not a problem of unsaved files (I have a pretty good habit of saving before I move my hands out of keyboard).

It looks like files just went back in their undo history (but I can’t redo them back). The thing making me suspect undo is that about that time I got upgraded Atom to 1.0.12 and one of the changes was about “persistent undo history”. Before I discovered the loss, Atom upgraded to 1.0.14.

Atom was used on Windows 7 (64 bit). The changes was lost after I reboot’ed computer (nicely with OS reboot). Another thing I was doing that could possibly trigger the problem like this is that I opened in Atom as a project a parent folder to my main project (to make a broader file search).

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Losing data is always a huge issue. Do you have any more information on how it might have happened? Any information that could help reproduce the issue?

Once I have any way to reproduce it, I’ll make a bug report, of course. For now everything what happened seems so weird, I decided just to start a discussion topic in case anyone else was hurt but this thing. If more people report something similar, there’s more chance to find a pattern.

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Just noticed it happened one more time. One of the files opened in Atom went way back in the edit history (and Redo does not restore changes back). This time the file was checked in, so nothing was lost and it helped me to spot the problem right away. But it looks weird.

Still have very little idea what might have triggered it and the ways to reproduce. At least it doesn’t look to be one time issue. From the other hand it probably doesn’t happen for too many people either, I guess. Anyway, trying to keep an eye on in.

Are you editing files on a “remote” drive? For example a drive on another machine, a drive on a VM from the linked host, etc. The only other time I’ve heard of something like this is when people are running Atom on a host machine but editing a file that exists on a VM running on the host (or is synced between the host and the VM).

No, nothing unusual at all. Local non-SSD drive, NTFS formatted.

I have the same problem and I decide to post a new topic, but the system suggest me this.

So I’m using Atom 1.4.3 on Ubuntu 12.04. The projects that I do are based on Symfony 2 (PHP). Every project is tracked with git and I have a “vendor” folder which is added to .gitignore file. I’m editing just one row of these ignored files. Everything is fine till I close Atom and shut down my computer. On the other day my change is lost. SO I’m editing this one row every day and this drive me crazy.

I hope anyone can idea what/why is causing this problem.

Atom v1.7.2 was released recently. You may want to update to the latest version.

Perhaps this is a stupid question, but are you saving the file to disk before exiting? I haven’t heard of Atom doing anything to revert changes to a file that were saved to disk simply by exiting.

Same thing happened to me on 1.6.1. The last file I created and was working on was just empty when I opened it today. Actually, I’m not sure I really saved it, but it should persist anyway, right? Atom doesn’t even ask anything when you close it with unsaved files.

It should persist as long as it was still open when you close Atom. If you close a file before you close Atom, it prompts you as to what to do with the unsaved changes.

We’re trying to track this down. Please go to this other topic and answer the questions so that we can get to the bottom of things:

Since this is also a duplicate of that other topic, I’m going to close this one. For anyone running into this problem, we want to help. Please go to the linked topic and give us your information.